Bupa Great Women’s 10K

Sunday 12th May – Join Our Team!

The Women’s 10K is fast approaching, and with that in mind – have you signed up yet? Would you consider being part of our team for the UK’s biggest women-only 10K?
Or are you a man, who’s girlfriend / wife / sister / friend / work colleague might be up for the challenge?
Perhaps you could even have a competition…girls against boys…the girls take part in the Women’s 10K and the boys in the Men’s 10K in June, and this serves as your training for a ‘showdown’ at the Great Scottish Run?
Just an idea of course, I know we’re not all as competitive as that!!

Just this week a lady who has recently given birth signed up to take part and support us, and she intends to walk the course, with her friend, and with baby in tow – so there are lots of options available!

We would be delighted to have you on board, wearing our running top and raising awareness for the work we do here at Funding Neuro and Wobbly Williams. Raising sponsorship is entirely optional of course (any donations are gratefully received), but first and foremost we’d just love you to be telling the world who we are.

If you would like to take part but haven’t signed up yet, please click here

To learn more about Funding Neuro or Wobbly Williams and how you can get involved, please drop me an email on maisie@fundingneuro.com or call me on 0141 585 6470

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