Parkinson’s Disease Treatments

If I had my time again, I would have exercised really hard, really really hard, to control my Parkinson’s disease a bit longer before entering the world of medication for Parkinson’s disease.  This is just a theory, but from my point of view but everything I have seen suggests the people who fight Parkinson’s disease do better and people who exercise despite their Parkinson’s disease do much better.

I have nothing to base that on other than what I’ve seen with my own eyes.  My other thought (yes two thoughts on the same day, quite remarkable) is that with young onset Parkinson’s disease or early onset Parkinson’s disease, you have got many many years taking the drugs for Parkinson’s disease.  I struggle to take tablets for sore head or a hangover the thought of taking tablets for the rest of my life to treat Parkinson’s disease was not one that filled me with great joy.

This section of the website covers the primary methods of treating Parkinson’s disease.  They can be summarised as follows, follow the links for more information:

  • Conventional medicine suggests that drugs are the primary method of controlling the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Surgery for Parkinson’s disease is a growing option to control the symptoms, particularly tremor.
  • Therapists such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists are a great way of helping people to deal with their Parkinson’s disease and alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Future treatment of Parkinson’s disease are being developed all the time, especially those focused on a cure.

2 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Disease Treatments

  1. Hi Bryn i admire your focus following diagnosis. It took 18mths before i got a diagnosis. the neurologist hit me with a barrage of drugs but little else. I initially buried my head in work. Ironically in nursing/midwifery . Eventually staff health arranged early retirement.
    I now live in France and have a caring neurologist and the benefit of a physiotherapist and masseur twice weekly like you i have found exercise keeps me fit . Family and friends are seeing a new me now. that gives me determination to fight another day.

    May you continue to living a full life for many years.

  2. hi bryn i totally agree with you i was diagnosied aged 33 i am now 47 did nt take drugs for 3 to 4 years carried on working in the building trade as a bricklayer untill 4 years ago.i try and do 1 hours weight traing aday and i am doing pretty good life can be hard with parkinsons but it does nt have to stop you having one

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