Chris Fuller :: Parkinson’s Disease – How to make it worse then better!!

Hi everyone, once again sorry for the length of time that there has been since my last blog – just think all this time without any boring police anecdotes !!

Anyway onto the blog. This one revolves around how I have found ways to make the symptoms of Parkinsons worse and then better.

We will start with how to make it worse because I was always told to end on either a high or a good note ! Anyhow I’m sure that most people in this country of ours have been aware that the Olympic Games came to London a few weeks ago !

Over the course of the two weeks Great Britain came together as one and got behind our sports men and women in a vast array of sports, some that most of us would not normally watch – dressage springs to mind ! I for one was confident before the games that this country could easily put on a great event.

We had to beat Beijing for the military precision and Sydney for the fun and friendliness. In the end after the two weeks of London 2012 we could rightly claim that our games were the greatest of all time by a country mile. We did have the advantage that most countries don’t have and that is Britain itself. Ok we don’t have Bondi Beach for the beach volleyball but who needs that when we have Horse Guards Parade. Watching this event around midnight with the arena all lit up, showing Horse Guards in all it’s finest glory was amazing to watch.

Three day eventing from Greenwich Park was superb to see and the road cycling events that went through the Sussex countryside was just beautiful to see. Not many other countries in the world could put these types of land marks to events at this level.

Now for the bit about making Parkinsons worse. I found at least five ways of making the symptoms come on worse than ever and left my arms and fingers really shaking and trembling. Here they are:

1. Watch the rowing from Eaton Dorney and add the commentary of Garry Herbert and Dan Topolski to it when our mens coxless four win gold or Katherine Grainger wins gold or our two girls who brought home GB’s first gold medal of the games. Their commentaries are amazing and just leave you with goose pimples and I can listen to them over and over again.
2. Watch the cycling from the velodrome, knowing that Chris Hoye, Jason Kenny and our other cycling heroes will win gold because they are that good and will break world records in the process but still getting over excited and paying the consequences.
3. Mo Farrar winning double gold. Watching Mo in his second gold winning performance coming down the the last hundred metres, not quite certain that he would win was too much and I had to go into the garden when he won and shout out a few things ………not telling you what they were though !!
4. Watching Jessica Ennis – that’s it, just watching Jessica.
5. Ben Ainslie winning his fourth gold medal. Ben amazes me with his determination to win and his inner confidence that he has. You have to be super confident if you say on live television “I didn’t like what he did (Norwegian rival) but that’s OK because he has made me angry and he didn’t want to make me angry” Absolutely brilliant and shows that words can mean just as much as your actions.

I just couldn’t help myself getting carried away with the emotion of it all and just couldn’t stop the shaking when witnessing all the action and the added theatre of the medal ceremonies.
As I mentioned in my last blog I intended to take up water colour painting and yes I have and recently attended Rutland Water for a lesson with artist Andrew Geeson who was superb with the three students that he taught for six hours. I learnt a lot that day and have put his tips into action. I will put a couple of my paintings at the end of this blog.

What I have found is that whilst I sketch and paint I concentrate so much that I feel myself shaking at all, I do however stare a lot more, at the paper and not people !! I have really got into this painting lark and it is the new obsession , after Youtube – watching Spandau Ballet, Paul Carrick, Supertramp and Jamiroquai over and over and over again !!! On a side note about side effects I have been really lucky and even when I was on 30mg’s of Ropinerole each day I have only ever suffered with Obsessional behaviour that never goes beyond watching / listening to music over and over again.

I have found that I have a genuine enjoyment in painting and improving and I have been known to start a painting at midnight when my wife has gone up to bed. Three o’clock in the morning when I have finished the work I drag myself upstairs and get into bed. The next morning I get asked the usual question “and what time did you come up to bed ?” My reply being “Oh about half past one(ish)” !! I think my face gives the lie away and she looks back and just goes “Really”…….

I find it hard not to get too carried with the the paintings that I do and have to remember that my two dogs needs walks during the day and my wife also needs my attention, not me sitting in my kitchen for most of the day, head down and silent – although some might say having their husband out of the way and quiet all day is a godsend !!

Well that’s enough for this blog, I have a sketch that needs some paint to go on it and have only three hours to do it in !!!

3 thoughts on “Chris Fuller :: Parkinson’s Disease – How to make it worse then better!!

  1. Many thanks for the comment.

    Sorry for not posting anything lately but too be honest I have been too busy and couldn’t find the time.

    Next blog will be soon………………promise

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