Parkinson’s Disease Medication

God shook his head in disbelief as Moses appeared at the top of Mount Sinai  with a measly 10 tablets.

“Ten?!?!? TEN?!?!?! You people need more than Ten Commandments to keep in you in line!!”

If Moses had had Parkinson’s disease, God would still be writing on the tablets


When the tank of dopamine starts to run a bit low the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease begin to show.

Presently (but there is great hope) there is no way of topping up the levels of dopamine in a way which reverses the disease.  The existing treatments for Parkinson’s disease try and get more dopamine to where it is required by adding dopamine supplements or making your existing dopamine producing cells work a bit harder.  Lazy gits.

My preferred treatment for Parkinson’s disease in the early days is exercise.  Vigorous exercise.  Getting up to 10 the telly on rather than using the remote control for example.  However, if you’re going to go on the tablets to treat Parkinson’s disease, here is some layman’s advice which should not be relied on.

The drugs to treat Parkinson’s vary between atrocious and fabulous.  Everybody’s Parkinson’s symptoms are different. And you need to work with your medical team to work out the best treatment for your Parkinson’s that you can come up with.  It is a bit like mixing a cocktail without the umbrella.

The major groups of drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease are:

  • Levodopa – a substance which the brain takes in and converts to dopamine.
  • Dopamine agonists – an artificial form of dopamine.
  • MAO-B inhibitors – a bit like the gym instructor.  Makes the remaining dopamine cells work harder to generate more dopamine.

But before you try them – Try running.

One thought on “Parkinson’s Disease Medication

  1. I would love to run or even walk fast for a length of time but have developed asthma after a series of bronchitis attacks and pneumonia. Therefore, I rely on drugs, although I do try and walk for about five minutes on my treadmill a couple of times a day. Does PD make breathing harder?

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