Bryn’s Blog :: Arrived in the Isle of Man


Being the Chieftain was great fun. I was an absent chieftain in that I did the necessary opening and closing ceremony bits but spent the rest of the day with the magnificent Wobbly Team filing water balloons and orchestrating jelly chaos at the Jellympic Games.

The closing ceremony was amazing. Ten bands all marched passed and I took the salute as Chieftain. It was a remarkable feeling and left me struggling for words when it came to reply to the salute.

And the bandwagon moves on. Today we are in the Isle of Man for Wobbly Walk VI.

I am under prepared, but at least thanks to Kilimanjaro I have all the stuff. If the temperature drops to twenty below I will be as warm as toast. I struggled to get everything into a large holdall and a rucksack. I met Tony and Maisie at the airport and Tony, likewise had difficulties getting everything necessary for a week away in his two items of luggage.

Maisie, on the other hand, had a small piece of hand luggage. Its hard being a man when you have so many accessories to pack.

We flew in yesterday afternoon in glorious sunshine, the flight down the west coast of the island was magnificent. We meet the rest of the squad at the hotel and got stuck into the beers. I fear I will pay for the indulgence this morning.

I awoke to find Tony sitting on the edge of his bed, rustling about in amongst his bag of walking gear.

“Morning Bryn” he said. “Can I get you a cip of tea and a slice of lemon yoghurt cake?”
“Yes” I replied.
“Marvelous. Just let me zip on my other trouser leg and I will be right with you”

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