Bryn :: Alex Ferguson

Last night’s Presidential debate was preceded by memorable exchanges in previous debates. One, between Senator Bentsen and Dan Quayle, reminded me of a conversation I had in a cafe in Govan.

Pat, a local taxi driver recommended I go there for a roll and sausage (not to be confused with a sausage roll). When I asked why I should do this, he replied, “Because Alex Ferguson says it’s the best roll and sausage in Glasgow.”

Alex’s brother, Martin, lives nearby and when Alex comes to visit, Pat is always given the job of running Alex to the airport. Alex always stops at the Luv Cafe in Govan.

A few months ago I visited the Luv Cafe for lunch.

The lunch menu didn’t mention a roll and sausage. Undaunted, I asked the waitress for one.

“We stop serving breakfast at 11.30.” It was half past mid-day.

“Is it true Alex Ferguson eats here?”, I asked.

She beamed. “Yes, Mr Ferguson is a regular.”

“If he wanted a roll and sausage at half past mid-day would he get one?” I asked.

She looked at me.

And then she said “Absolutely. But you’re no f***ing Alex Ferguson.”

I can find no flaw in her argument.

The Quayle/Bentsen moment can be seen here.


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