Bryn’s Blog :: Back to Castletown, Glasgow & Running

Friday’s walk from Douglas to Castletown was long, spectacular, scary and emotional.  I set off at 6.30 with Dad and Collette and everyone else caught us up by lunchtime.  The path ran along the cliff edge and often was the cliff edge.  Oh for the Isle of Man third leg!  The scenery was magnificent. Pity you couldn’t look up to see it.

The homeward stretch was long and sore.  I walked with and listened to Liz, and we took much confidence from the fact that we met on Wobbly Walk II and here we are in pretty much the same shape four years later.  Testament to the power of exercise, hope and having a goal to reach out for.  The final stretch was a hobble.  My foot from Dystonia had the last word.  But Tony cajoled and goaded me across the line at The George in Castletown.  A pint of cleansing lager restoring vitality.

Beers and tears, laughs and gaffs, darts and a kebab finished Wobbly Walk VI.

Sincere thanks to the walkers.  We have a laugh, we enjoy ourselves.  But never forget what you expend in effort and perspiration becomes the fuel for other’s hope and inspiration.

Sincere two fingers to Dr Parkinson.  I win again.  Get it right up ye!

Today it’s the Glasgow Men’s 10k. My knees hurt, my hips are sore, my feet are blistered. So what.

2 thoughts on “Bryn’s Blog :: Back to Castletown, Glasgow & Running

  1. Good on you Bryn!! Well done!!!! You and Jezza have definitely got to keep beating Dr Parkinson!!!! Shona

  2. Congratulations Bryn! While you were suffering another 10kms I was playing mini-football at a BBQ. I am definitely no worse for wear after our 100km Wobbly Walk and it was a privelge and pleasure to do it with everyone. There were many “Learning Points” for a beginner wobbly walker: 1. Don’t trust airlines to get a bag from one plane to another! 2. Always put dry socks, shoes and plastic bags in your rucksack when walking in horizontal rain on bleak hills, 3. there are more strong minded people out there than I and never, ever forget it. Utmost respect for all you do and would love to do it all over again.
    Back on my Hamster Wheel at home being Mum, sorting the chores,etc. Work beckons tomorrow but I will always have the memory of a wonderful 5 days walking in the Isle of man even if the rain meant the views were very limited at times!!

    See you again,

    Colette ( fellow cliff walker!)

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