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The walk to Douglas on Wednesday was beautiful, following the disused Peel to Douglas railway.

It was a hard day for me physically as my foot from Dystonia played up. But that was fine because Leona had a blister under her toenail which was causing her much pain and difficulty so there was someone to walk with who was worse off than me. Which always helps. She also has Parkinson’s which meant I didn’t even have the “but her toe will be better next week” argument to run. So we ambled at the back of the field with Wobbly Dad and Collette waiting for us to catch up periodically.

Technically we weren’t last. Matt arrived on the Island on Wednesday morning and rolled Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s walks together into a single day’s 30 mile walk. I think he has a mental disorder too.

We had a pint when he arrived and then walked to the hotel via the TT finish.

Thursday was a day of rest for me. I ventured out for a spot of lunch, a horse drawn tram ride and to buy a new set of darts. I can’t believe I forgot mine. The island is a hot bed of the game. Every pub has a dart board.

We shall finish the week’s walking with the 16 miles back to Castletown today.

Then, assuming every thing is in order, eat food, drink beer and play darts.

Games will be played over the best of three legs.

2 thoughts on “Bryn’s Blog :: Douglas

  1. I was in the Isle of Man until Monday. They had the longest run of sunny weather in living memory while I was there (Wed-Sun)! It’s a charming place. I sat on Peel beach with my nephew and nieces eating Davison’s ice cream.

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