Bryn’s Blog :: Port Erin

Superlatives will abound in this blog. You have been warned.

The first days walking on Wobbly Walk VI was sensationally, spectacularly fabulous. As was the lemon yoghurt cake.
The breakfast in the hotel was glorious and served by a Chinese lady who kept shouting at us. I was wetting myself.

The moments before a walk are always the same. Excitement, anticipation and apprehension.

It was billed as a gentle start to the circuit of the island, which it wasn’t, it was flat at the start but very undulating over headlands and down into bays as we walked around the south of the island. The highlight was the stretch around the Calf of Man, the wee island off the bottom of the main island, the scenery was marvellous.

The Manx people are very friendly. It’s easy to be nice when you have retired to a tax haven, I suppose, but even the workies who keep the place going are very friendly. And unusual. We meet three lads digging a hole on Port Erin beach. They were equipped. Spades, legionnaires hats and a case of Stella. And it turns out the were digging without purpose. Just fancied digging. We watched them from our hotel balcony for many hours. Three grown men, digging a hole, and taking it in turns to jump in and out. Brilliant.

Mary, the proprietor of this evening’s hotel is an endearing character. She seemed a bit potty. Yet she climbed machu pechhu for her 50th and her bar is a shrine to the greatest of TT racers,  Ulster’s own, Joey Dunlop.
Everyone has settled in fine. Maisie is in charge. I am relaxed and ready for day two.

One thought on “Bryn’s Blog :: Port Erin

  1. Hi Bryn, my name is Colin Slack, I’m 49 and was diagnosed with parkies 9 years ago, so really admire what you do. My Friend, Vanessa Cormak , also a parkie sufferer keeps me updated on your fundraising activities and on your blog between my visits. I was born and live on the isle of man, and before walking became more difficult was always out walking and hiking here and further afield. I have walked EVERY public footpath and right of way on the Island,
    I would love to have the opportunity to meet you whilst on our rock, even just to say hello. There are around 6 parkie suffers under 50 here. I can be contacted on 07624492288,
    regards Slacky.

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