Bryn’s Blog :: Great Chieftain o’ The Puddin’ Race

Tomorrow I am the Chieftain at the Bearsden & Milngavie Highland Games. A great honour and a marriage of convenience. Funding Neuro is the lead charity and we have some spectacular events going on, not least of which is our water bomb inflatable which will be a great hit in this balmy summer we are having in Glasgow. The organiser, Alan Olver, didn’t want a celebrity as the Chieftain as he has to look after them all day. He wants to spend the day filming people getting covered in jelly and hit by water bombs to make a promotional video for us. So he asked me to be the Chieftain because he can largely ignore me. I know my place. As Tony said when I referred to myself as the Chieftain, he misquoted Rabbie Burns calling me the Great Puddin’ o’ the Chieftain Race. How that man makes me laugh.

Laughs will continue for the next week at Wobbly Walk VI – or tour of the Isle of Man. I was recently told the family were concerned about how I would react in the aftermath of the first Wobbly Walk up the West Highland Way. They thought to return to ordinary domestic life would be hard for me to handle. And here we are at walk number six. A few of the original crowd are going and there are many new faces. It will be terrific.

At the end of the walk I run the Glasgow Men’s 10k for the fifth time. It is the most important race in the year as it was my first 10k back in 2008 and the overwhelming sense of achievement I felt at the end of it surpasses anything I have achieved since and was a big factor in how I have coped with the disease since.

I have been very quiet in my blogs. I’ve taken a break from thinking about Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s hasn’t taken a break from me and I feel it has made more progress than it would have done had I kept running and blogging.

So I’m going to try again.

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