Bryn’s Blog :: A Wedding

About eighteen months ago I was contacted by a woman from Dunblane called Liz. A group of her friends wanted to have a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding in their local town hall to raise money for Parkinson’s research. I was delighted but due to organizing Kilimanjaro I wasn’t very supportive and, to be fair, let her down somewhat. Her chum Anne Marie stepped in and kicked me in the arse. I still want much help but I went up on the day as I was at another dinner that night.  The night was a huge success.

When Funding Neuro was nominated a second time to be the beneficiary, I wasn’t going to miss it. The event was held on Saturday 2 March and I hot footed it there from Manchester where I had been speaking at a conference the night before. It was nuts.

Everyone goes to the Big Fat Wedding dressed as in wedding attire. I went as the Reverend I M Wobbly. It was a fantastic night. The auction and raffles raised over £3K and everyone had a great time. There was a cocktail bar with a last minute stand in cocktail mixologist. Zoltan the Incredible didn’t show and couldn’t be contacted. Zoltan the Unobtainable.

A brilliant night. Thanks to the Dunblane Fundraisers for supporting our charity and to the locals for donating so generously. And thanks to Anne Marie for kicking my butt.

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