Bryn’s Blog :: A-Mais-ing

Is it any wonder I have no time? I just spent ten minutes trying to work Funding Neuro’s new National Fundraising Manager’s name (Maisie) into the title.

But it has been amazing…. in four weeks she has performed a minor miracle in getting events organised, databases sorted out and started the process of building the foundations of Wobbly Williams (the Parkinson’s awareness raising and tomfoolery experts) and Funding Neuro (the serious charity side of life).

What events? I hear you shout …. here goes…
18 April – A Dinner With The Lions
8 June – the Glasgow Jellympics & World Haggis Hurling Championships
9 to 15 June – Wobbly Walk VI
28 July – The New Forest Show
5 September – Gavin Hastings Classic featuring The Wobbly Strider Cup at The Carrick on Loch Lomond
24 Oct – Funding Neuro Fright Night/Chef’s Dinner, Houston House Near Edinburgh

In addition, events are in the pipeline; a dinner in Aberdeen, comedy in Glasgow, more WobbleAid. A year of fundraising at Bothwell Castle. A new TryAthletes cafe.

Exciting times. Welcome on board Maisie.

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