Bryn’s Blog :: A whisper in 2012 becomes a noise in 2013.

Bryn looking moody2012 was a year I could not have imagined happening when I was diagnosed. Over the course of the year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, ran three marathons and walked away from a secure job to set myself up in business.

The success of the year was the commencement of the trials in Bristol in November. An undoubted success but also typical of the frustrations which I have suffered this year. Frustration from getting involved with the trials in January 2011 yet it taking 22 months before a further substantial step is made. The momentum I had from the summer of 2010, which ran into 2011, ran out in 2012.

There are many reasons for this but the primary ones are Kilimanjaro made me realise I had to change my working life and on the charity side I stopped driving the initiatives which made us unique. I put my faith in others and I have, effectively, been sidelined. The voice of urgency in 2010 has been a whisper in 2012.

It’s all very well moaning but as Ian said to me when I was diagnosed “so what are you going to do about it?”

Back to basics. Back to outlandish stunts and ridiculous ventures but underpinned, this time, with organisation. We have recruited our first full-time fundraising manager, Maisie Hamilton, who joins us from the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice. She starts on 1 February and has been to many wobbly events in recent years and totally gets what we are about. Alan Kennedy is taking a more active role with the TryAthletes and with Jennifer Reoch managing the PR we will be a formidible team.

This year will see us build the world’s largest jelly mosaic at the New Forest Show, dabble with the Loch Ness Monster and see more Wobbly events than ever before.

Disappointingly, I need to exercise more. I have noticed a decline in my well-being over the last two months, since having taken my foot off the gas towards the end of October. I need to get that back. One of the lines I trot out to others with Parkinson’s is “use it or lose it”. I need to start listening to myself. This year will see the beginning of my cycling endeavours and possibly a duathlon or a triathlon.

Creation IP will continue to grow. From starting out on my own in May, we had seven at the Christmas party not including the three who couldn’t make it. There is plenty of work, plenty of clients and I’m learning fast about cash flow!

So here’s to 2013. An opportunity presents itself. Let’s see if I can take it.

One thought on “Bryn’s Blog :: A whisper in 2012 becomes a noise in 2013.

  1. Hi Bryn, you make a difference. you did with me and i wont forget it.
    you know you’re worth it!

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