Bryn’s Blog :: Buddy Holly

I wish I hadn’t got out of the habit of blogging, I find it so therapeutic.
So what’s been happening??
Since I last blogged I have run the Great North Run, I have completed marathon number eight (note I say completed not run); The Baxter’s Loch Ness Marathon, submitted the Charity’s accounts for the first year, spoken at Stewart’s Melville College and The Chartered Institute of Management Annual Conference, set up Plus One Networking and attended a Dead Celebrities Halloween Ball as Buddy Holly (shortly before death, complete with life jacket including whistle and light for attracting attention).But to describe all that would be looking back, and as I often say, the past is gone. Well I imagine I say that because technically I have to look back to recall that I say that, which I am not prepared to do. OK I will describe briefly.

If you ever want to run a marathon, run Loch Ness. It is absolutely beautiful, predominantly downhill and the sun always shines. Based on my statistically insignificant single visit. The people are spectacularly friendly although sprinkled few and far between and around the course. The best bet, however, is the bowl of Baxter’s soup and plate of chicken curry waiting for you at the finishing line. And medal. Don’t forget the medal.
The speech at at Stewart’s Melville College was a brief one talking about me and Parkinson’s (my favourite and least favourite subjects in the same speech, and is all the time.) I was the warm-up for Rob Caskie, a historian who spoke about Rourke’s Drift. An amazing story of resilience, defiance and bonkers people. The conference speech was a far more serious affair, I spoke for 25 minutes on the subject of change management in the context of the changes that a diagnosis with Parkinson’s brings to your personal life. I did some management training early in my career, particularly concentrating on change management, but I never thought to apply the principles to a private life when it all went a bit Pete Tong. Things like build a team, be persistent, read widely, be creative and flexible, accept uncertainty and remain optimistic, look at the big picture, and be certain of your mission before you start are all key features of change management (as well as being management jargon) are all solid principles upon which to base a life with chronically irritating neurological disorders.
+1 Networking is a networking group for people, like me, who hate networking. Classical networking events are full of people who are out to find who can help them achieve their goals and when they discover that I only want to talk about me and Parkinson’s, they spend their time few of my shoulder to try find someone more interesting (I know, I know, such people apparently do exist). The idea behind +1 Networking is the extremely generous and giving wobbly team of like-minded individuals meet up once a month, get pissed and bring somebody along who hasn’t heard all my jokes before. This way we expand our personal, business and charity network at the cost of a sore head the next morning. The first event was Thursday and it was good fun. So much so that I found a receipt for four jumbo sausage rolls, two steak bakes, a Ribena and a cup of tea in my wallet from Greggs on Gordon Street timed at 2:03 AM. Nae Wunner I felt like a pure mince on Friday.
So that is you up-to-date. Hurricane Sandy permitting I am off to the USA on Wednesday on business, hopefully squeezing in a marathon in New York (commonly referred to as the New York Marathon) on Sunday.

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