Bryn :: There’s Only One Andy Murray

At long last the drought is over. Britain’s men have produced a tennis grand slam winner. Congratulations to Andy Murray. A fantastic achievement and hopefully an opening the floodgates to many more both for Andy and the next generation of British tennis players.

When I was growing up there was always people in sport you loved to loathe. Generally people who excelled with a touch of arrogance. Steve Davis, Martina Navratilova, Eric Bristow all spring to mind. However, when they reached the autumn of their career, I would relent and cheer them on as the legends they truly were.

This did not apply to Ivan Lendl. I never warmed to the man. I think it was something to do with his socks being pulled up his legs too high. He was monotonous, cold and his only saving grace was his inability to win Wimbledon. The two weeks of the year I could revel in his discomfort. But even when he went into decline, never once did I will him to win.

To see him smiling on the success he has helped mastermind as one of Andy’s coaches made me feel a touch guilty. If he enters Wimbledon this year, I will cheer him on.

In this remarkable year of British sport is quite possible that none of our Olympians will get onto the podium at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year, at least none who reached their pinnacle at the Olympics. The second and third place be Olympic gold medallists but Bradley Wiggins and Andy Murray will be there for their successes in France and the US respectively. Their achievements only surpassed by the greatest sportsman of our era, the legend who won his 13th World Matchplay this summer to go along with his 15 World titles. If Phil “The Power” Taylor doesn’t win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year I will go out for beer and curries every night for a week.

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