Bryn :: Up and Running

Karen and I are back into the big mileages every week. By big mileages I mean half marathon or higher. The build up to an end of year marathon is well underway. Last weekend was the Great Scottish Run half marathon, and next weekend is the Great North Run.

The GSR is a favourite, running over the Kingston Bridge at 2 miles, through Bellahouston Park at 5 and through Pollock Park at 8 are great spectacles. I bounded through those first 8 miles but the last 5 were hard. Karen drove me on and I completed the distance without stopping. The first time I had run 13 miles nonstop in many months The highlight of the final five was the Wobbly Cheering Station; Lindsay, Gaf, Julie and Scott all pretty in pink, blowing wobbly whistles.

Yesterday was supposed to be 14 miles but a hard week led to it being cut short at 12.

The Great North is a race I love and hate. I love the crowds, the Tyne bridge, the run along South Shields seafront. I hate the motorways, the hills and the hilly motorways. I can’t wait.

The following week we will run 15, and the week after we will run 16. Well we would if we hadn’t entered a marathon that weekend. The Baxters Loch Ness Marathon. A 26 mile jog through the hills around Inverness. What are we thinking of? After Loch Ness we will drop back to 16, then 18 and then 20 before tapering for, hopefully, The New York City Marathon. I will be in the US on business, so I am hoping to detour to NY if I can get a place. Failing that, the Dublin marathon is the weekend before.

Either way, all being well, I will finish 2012 having run 9 marathons. Or at least completed 9. The medals don’t tell the whole story. Rebecca still thinks they mean I came I the top three. She must think I am from Kenya

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