Bryn :: Disabled???

Bryn looking moodyAt 11.53 this morning I will have been diagnosed five years.

Five years.

“There will be a cure within five years”.

How many times I have heard that? Eeeerrrrr, about three times. Most people say “There will be a cure within ten years.”

The ten year statement is a fudge. Ten years is far enough away for the prediction to have a reasonable chance of coming true, is far enough away for the person who has just made this statement to break contact with you and vanish so you don’t turn up on their doorstep with a mob of angry parkies, and is far enough away for me as an individual to forget who said it.

Forget these people???? Not a chance. The overly optimistic people who choose the five year figure get a call this morning. The rest are on a list and would be advised to move to Australia, buy a cork hat and go and find a hidey hole in the outback. Otherwise I will find you..

Or maybe I won’t need to. Maybe they will be right. Personally, I think they will be right. Five years in, I think I’m closer to the end of my Parkinson’s journey than the start.

Am I a dreamer? No.
Am I deranged? Possibly, but I don’t think it affects my judgement.
Am I an optomist? Undoubtedly.

Five years is a nice tidy number. Five years ago there was nothing. The mere thought of the future, let alone the potential effects of the disease, was disabling.

What have I done in this week of the anniversary? I have run the Great Scottish half marathon with Karen and Julie, I have plotted the next Wobbly Dinner with Lynda, Jeremy, Herve and Anna, I have discussed cycling a Tour de France with Richard, I have reminisced about Kilimanjaro with anyone who will listen.

Disabling? This disease is enabling.

5 thoughts on “Bryn :: Disabled???

  1. Hi Bryn, an enjoyable read as always. I am 18 years post dx. When I was five years in I might have agreed with enabling. Now, no, afraid not. It is something I have not found the righty word for.yet. But I will.,and sooner than five years.

  2. i havehad pd for over thirty years. To pin ones life on the hope of a cure is no life at all. Good luck with your life. As i have been known to say when asked about pd and how it effects me.’my carberator may not be functioning to well, but the driver is fine’.
    jorge lacoste

  3. Could not agree more Jorge, having looked at your paintings, the driver is clearly fine. I encourage no-one to pin their life on the hope of a cure, I encourage people to face up to their condition, embrace it and live well despite it. If I pinned my life on the hope of a cure, I wouldn’t have taken steps to secure my family’s future, I wouldn’t exercise continually to battle the condition and my team of amazing friends wouldn’t raise awareness of this condition every day. If I am living no life at all then so be it. A proper life, devoid of hope, is much less appealing.

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