Chris :: Lows & Highs …..and a lot of ‘Sitting’

Hi to everyone again, still going don’t worry despite the delay in this latest blog but all will be explained.

From the end of May to the beginning of June was a sad time for me and my old work colleagues in Kent. We lost a good friend to a terminal brain tumour. Glenn fought a four year battle and came out the other side of no less five operations, when you are not supposed to get through two. Glenn served nearly 20 years in Kent Police and 18 in H.M Armed Forces – at the real Sharp end of Bomb Disposal.

Glenn, fittingly had a full police funeral with a PC who was formerly a priest taking the service. The officer conducting the service, Lyndon said quite rightly that Glenn didn’t loose his fight against terminal brain cancer, he was the one who decided when he wanted to leave us and said to another when he was in his final days in a local hospice “I was given five months to live two and a half years ago, so if I want to carry on I will but I may decide not to”. Typical of the man – I didn’t mention the Special Forces bit but that will become apparent in a little story in a minute. You see Glenn did these ‘Tough Guy’ events but never acted in that way or spoke about army service – as these people tend not to. Always remember those who crow that they were this, that and the other ……Hereford blah blah etc have never been anywhere near serving Her Majesty.

I will always remember Glenn telling me a story about three years ago and it still makes me chuckle as I’m writing this. Glenn (diagnosed at this point) was out in his nearby woods riding his mountain bike when he came upon a young couple in a ‘zooped up’ boy-racer type car. As Glen rode passed the yob in the drivers seat sounded his horn as to startle Glenn. First mistake ! Glenn did no more than to stop just a few yards away. Second mistake – yob wants to show off his latest conquest – at this point we shall assume they were not husband and wife of a number of years !! and gets out of his car.

Conversation then went like this – and is just about word perfect for Glenn:

Yob – “Do you f%$king want some, lets have some” (arms open and cocky swagger at this point)

Glenn – “You really don’t know who I am do you, you really don’t”

Yob – “Course I don’t fu%^ing don’t”

Glenn – “The best decision you will ever make is to get back into that death trap that at some point will kill you and her because of your stupidity and go home while you can”

Yob – “You mouthy …………”

Glenn – “Right young man, you have to make a decision now and decide one of the two. Now I could be in training for Great Britain’s hardest bastard competition, or I could be just a normal bloke on his bike………your choice, I don’t mind or care. If you do decide to show off to her you have to knock me out on your first punch, thats my only piece of advice”

Yob – Slowly realises he may be in some trouble so swaggers gingerly back to his love machine and as expected wheel spins away.

Glenn………..carries on his bike ride !

Onto the highs now ….. due to the pure clay that is under soil up here in the East Midlands we had had enough of a water logged back garden, so we bit the bullet and got a company to lay an artificial lawn for us, the company was As Good As Grass Ltd and they do the Big Brother house. Anyhow the two lads who did our garden made a superb job and can be recommends !

Me and my wife then went camping for a week in Thurston, Suffolk and we had voluntered to do some event marshalling on a two day running/walking/cycling challenge in Barrow, Suffolk, the founder of this event and organiser was an old Met colleague from the Flying Squad.

As all good Parkinson’s sufferers have to do, yes I did too much on day one and come the alarm clock ringing on day two, guess what……….yes I was wiped out for this day and couldn’t get out of my sleeping bag. The usual words from my wife “You’ve done too much again, you just wont learn”

The next five days we had under canvas were lovely, we had sunny weather, no rain, lovely evenings sitting outside the tent eating our dinner with our two Border Collies, Abbey and Jess being on their best behaviour.

Now for the low and sitting………well I could say sitting but you will get the drift !

About two weeks ago, suffering from hayfever as some do I had a sneezing fit in our back garden. On the tenth or eleventh sneeze I had a sharpe pain shoot across my left kidney, when I snezzed again the sharpe pain was worst, so for three days and nights I was wedged into the corner of our sofe making all (succesful) attepts not to sneeze or cough, a remarkable feat for three whole days !

NHS Direct had told me that if the pain hadn’t gone in four days to then go and see my GP, which I did. Nice and caring chap that he is gave me NARPROXEN.

I took these tablets for three days and at the endof the third day I could hardly walk up the stairs to bed I was that shattered, this medication is apparently renouned for knocking all of your energy out of you to the state that you cannot really function and walk around shoulders slouchd forward and because one is so tired and can hardly lift one foot infront of the other, you just shuffle along……………….no change there then !!!!!!!!!

I then made the easy decision to stop taking these tablets, however at the point of writing this blog I have just finished two days – nearly solidly, sitting or sh………. never mind on the toilet as a result of these tablets not agreeing with my stomach. Not pleasant and nor were the stomach pains that went with them. Appear to be nearly over it now but have lost a stone in weight to boot – oh to keep it off !!

To finish off this blog I start my water colouring career as of next month. I am getting tutured by a renowned local artist by the name of Andrew Gleeson and cant wait.

I will let you know how it goes in the next blog.

Until next time Au Revoir.

One thought on “Chris :: Lows & Highs …..and a lot of ‘Sitting’

  1. Hi Bryn
    Just read todays epic.

    Please tell your GP the problems Naproxen has caused yoyr gut. You may need further medicarion to repair the damage!!
    The sun has arroved on Yorkshire. Hope it is with you too.
    Keep wobbeling

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