Bryn :: Day Five & “They are only having fun”

on a table in fricaMy exercise plan for Day Three was using the Wii and trying to avoid being spotted using the Wii.  If I have been doing something manly like golf or tenpin bowling I wouldn’t have minded being seen parading around the lounge by the neighbours.  But seeing it was me and Katy Perry strutting our stuff to Wii Dance (because there’s even less exercise in Wii Golf than real golf), I decided to take my exercise in a darkened room. The disappointment when the disc turned out to be corrupt was heartbreaking. I opted for Wii Boxing. And I decided to change. One should never box and a pink leotard with legwarmers and fluffy ears. Amazon are delivering a new Wii Dance disc today.

Day four I swam. The deterioration in the strength of my arms was noticeable. Running does not keep the arms strong. I really struggled for 20 min, after which time I could move my arms no more. I got out of the pool and walked back to the dressing room like a Neanderthal. My knuckle scraping on the ground and a desperate craving for a banana. To make up my half-hour I did some more Wii Boxing. It was kind of hard to lift my hands to defend the face but this wasn’t really a problem as my opponents were all Japanese and my kneecaps took a battering.

I have a new philosophy on children. It was given to me by a new client of Creation IP, Craig Johnson. He said the children are always trying to have fun. It is the sole objective of life. You are trying to get them out the door to school. They are trying to have fun. Recognising this has made me more determined that they shouldn’t have fun. Untrue. Recognising this has made me pause before going berzerk when I discover Rebecca has not been cleaning her teeth but has in fact been making jam sandwiches to give to the local tramp (yes we have a tramp in Bearsden now, it gets more like a Famous Five town everyday).

A great application of this is changing every request to do something into “can I go and have fun?”. For example, on Sunday Ella came bounding into the garden room and said “can we wash your car?”. Prior to my awakening I would have assumed the end result of washing the car would be a clean car. Now applying the fun principle, I know the end result will be a car with more dirty areas than clean areas, the clean areas will be covered in scratches and children will be wet and dirty.
Given that my car is new (to me) I replied “wash your mother’s car”. What fun they had. What language spouted forth from my wife’s lips. To which I replied “lighten up. They were only having fun”.

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