Bryn :: Day One

Hello again. I have been neglectful of many things over the last few months and my blog has been the primary one. As time goes by list of things to tell gets longer and longer and the blogging of it gets more and more daunting. So I’m going to tell it in bits over the next couple of weeks. Starting with a kick up the arse from my wee blonde pal.

It was a well-deserved kick and came on Saturday. Not only have I neglected my blogging, I have also neglected my physical well-being. I have hardly run an inch since the middle of May. For an advocate of the good running does somebody with Parkinson’s, this is a bit shabby and Karen gave me both barrels on Saturday afternoon. She spoke on a number of topics which will feature in the coming weeks blogs but the main vent of her anger was my lack of running.

The Inverness/Loch Ness Marathon is less than 100 days away. So, to get back on track I am going to exercise for 30 minutes minimum per day for the next 100 days. My Parky chum from Yorkshire, Liz, is going to do the same and we shall spur each other on. The marathon will be day 98 and I hope to head down to see her for day 100 should we both stay the course.

Today is day one. 6 miles in just over an hour. Is exercising every day for 100 days daunting? Only if you look to the future. Today is done. It is sunny. And the world is good.

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