Bryn :: My Wee Blonde Pal

In October 2008 I ran a first – my first half marathon, the Great North Run. I ran it on my own and it was bloody awful.

Since then I have run 15 half marathons and 5 marathons. I have also run 10 miles or more on training runs on 30 occasions. 50 runs of 10 miles or more.

49 of those 50 runs my wee blonde pal, Karen, has been with me.
The one time she wasn’t was Tromso which was dark, cold and lonely.

Tomorrow, I am running without her again. And this time it’s a marathon. 26 miles without her boundless enthusiasm, perpetual grin and endless chat.

Would I have run 5 marathons without her? No. Probably not even one.

Would I have been as fit and healthy? Definitely not.

Would I be fighting my Parkinson’s with such gusto!?Undoubtedly not.

So, when I pick up marathon medal six tomorrow afternoon, the happiness will be tinged with a wee bit of sadness. That my wee pal isn’t there to share the victory.

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