Bryn :: This Will Wipe The Smile Off Her Face

Miss Scotland glows. The sort of glow that is truly infectious. It is coming up to the first anniversary of her involvement with Wobbly and in that time her enthusiasm, personality and love of life have been an asset to the team and to me especially.

Except during that long trudge up the last night of Kilimanjaro.

When everyone was feeling rough, despondent and shattered, there she was grinning from ear to ear.

Now, call me ungrateful if you wish, but I did wonder is there anything which would make her less than ecstatic. I like happy people as much as the next person, probably more so, but I have been wondering does she ever look miserable?.

This week I found out.

The London Marathon with me.

We met up after Kilimanjaro for a chat and I mentioned I was running London. Jen’s eyes lit up. But it was too late. That day was the final drop dead deader than a dodo deadline for accepting offers of places and Jen hadn’t even spoke to anyone about a place, let alone have one to accept.

Ten minutes after coffee, the phone rang. It was the lovely Clare at Parkinson’s UK. Did I know anyone who wanted a place in the London marathon?

Jen jumped at it with a big grin on her face.

Eight weeks later, I am certainly not smiling. The training hasn’t gone well. The only tapering I have done is outwards. My knees are not talking to each other. I threw up on my last long run.

Karen isn’t running this one so it’s just me and Jen. We met for coffee this week and I told her of my woes. I jokingly said she might have to give me a piggy back.

That wiped the smile off her face.

She has had her troubles with training too. Her iliotibial band is shot in her right leg which has curtailed her training but she is going to have a crack at it. Bob is also running and is hoping to finish in under 3 hours 45. I am hoping to finish by 3.45.

Plenty of ibuprofen tablets and cream, a can of freeze spray and a healthy dose of determination will see us finish in front of the guy in the deep sea divers costume.

Brian is ready.

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