Bryn :: My Secret Life

I have been leading a secret life for the last few months which will become part of this blog over the next few weeks. Decisions about my future have been for most in my mind and discussions, lengthy lengthy discussions, have been taking place. Kilimanjaro made me realise just how stressful my working life is. At times on that mountain I was symptom-free. Because I was stress-free.

This is no reflection on Marks & Clerk, who are fantastic firm. I resigned for pastures new.

But what pastures? There are options. I have learnt many new skills over the last five years and you could make a living out of most of them. Perhaps not the running but certainly what I have learnt with regard to marketing, public speaking, writing, branding and fundraising could all be put to good use. And they will be.

I would be foolish determined back on my primary skill, being a patent attorney, as it is a very specialist and well-paid career. And if I can make it Wobbly then it will be very attractive to potential clients. But a Wobbly intellectual property firm is not going to cure Parkinson’s disease. And that’s what it’s all about. My kids are not going to thank me for building anything other than something which can cure Parkinson’s disease. I have to give it my best shot.

But how do I do that? I have worked with the Cure Parkinson’s Trust and Parkinson’s UK over the last five years, and, indeed, fundraising for Parkinson’s UK at the moment. They are very different organisations with a common goal. The goal which is the same as mine. I could work more closely with them to avoid reinventing the wheel and be led by them. Or I could lead.

This next week will be telling.

11 thoughts on “Bryn :: My Secret Life

  1. Hi Bryn – Been reading your story through Mark Coopers running site.

    I really think a bit of both (with you being the leader as the driving force in the equation), you sound like a leader to me.

    It would make sense however to use your association with the various Parkinsons organisations as well. It seems you have good links with them and they could be a source of great knowledge, direction and motivation for you to tap into when required.

    Anyway – all the best.


  2. Can I suggest you consider a milk and paper delivery job.
    You do not sleep much therefore an early morning job would suit.
    I am told a milk float is something similar to a golf cart therefore you have experience.
    Being able to count up in two’s should mean the round is stress free.
    The possibility of seeing woman in their night attire is increased considerably all be it there could be a down side to that.
    As your Kili clothes covered 4 seasons you will already have the kit required to perform your tasks.
    Your good looks may get you an invite for “a cup of tea”.
    This will all lead to a blog worth reading!

    The secret life of a Milk Float attendant.

  3. Hi Bryn

    I guess you are keeping all your followers in suspense for dramatic effect? If so you’ve done a great job and my polite request is “Come on then – please tell us what happened next!”
    Or maybe you took a job as a milk float attendant? If so I agree with anon – it is a blog worth sharing. So get on with it …..PLEASE.


  4. Hi ryan
    I hope that things are going okay with name is John maeda your Tour leader on kilimanjaro. I remember that we talked about the education program.I have talked to the teachers of the school so we can start that progra if you are okay with that.

  5. My e mail address is elinsoyohana
    John Simon Maeda your tour leaader on kilimanjaro

  6. Hello John
    It’s good to hear from you. I think maybe you mean one of the chaps? Ian perhaps? or Bryn? or Gavin? or Tony? I know there were plans and am very interested but can’t claim to be the person you talked with about this project. I am sure your message will reach Bryn as this is his page – but I will pass it on.
    I also know that Bryn is even more busy than usual so please be patient! It’s tough – we are all hoping he will make contact asap. Bryn are you there???

  7. HELLO EVERYBODY! Submerged at the moment but doing great! John – i will put Ian and Tony on the case!

  8. Yee gods — Scottish humor! At least I now know of something worse than PD.
    But seriously folks, great blog, heroic effort.

    Just got diagnosed, so I’m exploring the PD blogosphere. Yours is the second blog I have read, thanks to recommendation from Positively Parkinson’s.

    Looking forward to reading more here.

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