Bryn :: Back Running Again

Back Running Again. How good do those words sound? I have a plan, a goal to achieve – The Copenhagen Marathon, Sunday 20 May, sixteen weeks time. The perfect timeframe in which to train for a marathon. Karen and I are enthused after nine months of stop-start because of my muscle pull. It’s still there but I know what it is and, more importantly, what aggravates it. The pull happens because of my foot from Dystonia. After running or walking a short distance, my right ankle bends outwards with the result that I walk or run on the outside edge of my foot. This puts tension on my leg, pulling the groin away from my one-pack. As long as I keep an eye on it, things will be fine.So our first run of the sixty four training runs was due yesterday morning. A six mile run into work. Alas the best laid plans of mice and forgetful husbands were scrapped as Vicky was on night shift. So, in a remarkable first, we went for a six mile run around Bellahouston Park on Sunday night. Dedication knows no bounds. I hate evening runs, and I can think of none worse than a Sunday evening run, when I should filling my belly with roast animal and watching tv. Yet there I was, all lycra-ed up, vaselined, and ready to roll, in a freezing cold car park on the South Side. It was foggy, badly lit and steam was coming out of my nostrils. I could have been a horse in a Sherlock Holmes novel.

As ever I grimaced through the first few steps which generate a breeze which chills you. But once we were going it was magnificent. The air was cold on the skin and dry on the lips. My body felt fluid and my groin was pain free. It was a great start to our pursuit of marathon number six.

One down, sixty three to go.

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