Bryn :: Fighting Back

The trip to The Grossets went well. For the first time since I started taking the meds, I haven’t been given the option to increase my medication if I feel the need. This initially surprised me. I feel more symptomatic than at any stage, or at least I did before I went to Africa.

Since Africa I feel more content, more confident. Dr Grosset recognised that. My confidence has taken a battering over the last six months, primarily due to a lack of exercise. I focus so much on countering the physical effects by physical exercise that I have been floundering without the benefits that exercise brings.

My confidence has also been undermined by others but, as with so much that happens in life, it is best to resolve quietly than air publicly. The unpublished blog pages will be worth reading!

However, Africa has reinvigorated me. I have new determination to deal with the noise and refocus on the goal. The next few weeks will define the next stage of my life. The stage that will finish with a cure.

We will be more creative; create more surprise, create more waves, create more opportunities. Shake more foundations.

We will be more Wobbly.

3 thoughts on “Bryn :: Fighting Back

  1. Staying involved and creative is key to a lot of the curves life hands us. With PD it is essential. So is the exercise, which I regret to say I do netter at preaching than sticking with. Why is it so hard to stay on the exercise program even when we know how critical it is?

    Best of luck, enjoy reading the blogs, and believe you will lead the way to the cure for us all.

  2. Dear Bryn

    Good luck with achieving the fitness that you wish for – I’m sure you will get there very soon but wish you well all the same 😉

    Let me know if you ever fancy cycling when in London….ha ha….I need to train for 500km….ouch, but lots of fun!


  3. Good man! Know that you are never alone… there’s a bunch of us parkies all awobbling out here who are here for you… bit like climbing Kili… t’was made all the better in good company. Rule #1 since my diagnosis has been to only choose to spend time with people who will make my life better – no nay-sayers, no negative numpties etc. There are too many “out there” who head tilt, express sorrow for the condition and then speak of people who are infinitely worse off with PD than we are. My instant reply to any one of this type’s “how are you” (cue sympathetic tone) is a robust “super well, thanks, you’re looking a bit peeky are you OK?” … bit mean maybe but makes me feel a whole bunch better!! hehehe

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