Bryn :: Bump and Crash

It’s nice to be home. We had our reunion with family and friends party at Sloans on Friday morning. Vicky was there and she looked radiant. I was longing to see my wee girls and, come 3pm, I was in the school playground. As I hadn’t been home I was still wearing my flip flops despite the Glasgow mizzle.

The other Bearsden parents looked at me strangely. If they had come closer they would have sniffed strangely too. I was rank.  But little girls don’t mind. Ella came charging out first, then the Beak. We hugged and cried. We went home to our wee house and got back to reality.

I spent the evening falling asleep mid-sentence and generally being poor company.

Saturday was spent getting the pictures sorted and preparing a video to show at a party Boy Band Barry was having on Saturday night. The party was great but I was very tired. People must have thought I was very rude.

Sunday was a blue day. I came down with a bump. We went for a walk at Mugdock Park at lunchtime and then I crashed. For the first time in years I went for an afternoon lie down and actually slept!! Three hours of deep sleep. Glorious! Got up and staggered around groggily the rest of the evening, missing the endless bowls of soup, plates of fruit and mugs of hot water.

So back to work tomorrow. A busy week; Men’s 10k launch, neuro appointment, Aberdeen and possibly London.

Better get on with it.

4 thoughts on “Bryn :: Bump and Crash

  1. Good point! What is normal? Personally, climbing Kili did a lot to restore my confidence which took a battering by not being able to exrecise ofr much of 2011 due to a running injury. I have new vigour. 2012 is going to be a great year.


  2. It’s hard to come back to earth after such a glorious adventure. Glad you are expecting a good year. Thanks for taking us all along with you, in spirit if not in body. I hope to have the opportunity to share in a future venture with Wobbly Williams. Good luck and best wishes!

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