Bryn :: Kibo. 15,500 feet

Written 7pm Monday. 13 hours until summit.

The walk to Kibo Hut was long and arduous. I got up at 5am to take photographs of Mawenzi. It is so very different to The summit of Kilimanjaro.. The start of the walk to Kibo Hut was great, last night was the first which we didn’t wake up to a view of Kilimanjaro, after about 20 minutes of walking up a slope, we crossed over a ridge and there she was. Magnificent. And awful close.

Between us and the mountain lay the Lunar Desert. The most boring stretch of land I will ever encounter. Happily it ended with Kibo Hut and much emotion. All 27 of us made it to Kibo (15,500 feet, summit 19,341 feet). All 27 will set off for the summit.

To get all of us to this point has taken a lot of teamwork. We have helped each other, supported each other and taken responsibility for each other. It has been brilliant. I hope we all make it.

After lunch John, our magnificent tour leader, briefed us on what lies ahead. Nothing pleasant basically. We set off at midnight.

If this wasn’t testing enough, the back of one of my crowns came off eating a kebab. Fantastic.

How do I feel? Scared. It looks so intimidating. So steep. So very, very daunting. I was breathless today, panicking at times, to get breath, both last night and today. Now I have to climb the height of Ben Nevis tin ever thinning air. Scared is the word.

But with friends like John Bundy how can I fail? As we came into camp today he said “I’m f****** proud of you. Good darts mate. I will see you through this, even if I have to push you up myself.

15 thoughts on “Bryn :: Kibo. 15,500 feet

  1. So proud and pleased for you. Well done everyone.. Go well come back safe! Amazing awesome team Wobbly.

  2. Everyone is so proud of All of you. What you are doing is amazing. Glad you have kept us all upto date with your blogs Bryn, they have been great. Take care and safe descent down. Ann & Emma

  3. Good luck on the final stage to the summit. What you and the team have achieved is truly amazing. Stay safe. Ann

  4. Good luck with final ascent today. Muhammad Ali is 70 today. Seems like a good day for the final push.

    Nicola x

  5. Go Team Wobbly! What an amazing journey – good luck with the final stage and reaching the top! Well done to you all. Libby x

  6. All the very best tonight. Take your time and stay positive. You can all do it!!! Samantha x (One of the Kili 12 you met in the Kilimanjaro Mountain Resort Hotel)

  7. Well done to everyone whatever happens, what an amazing achievement to all that are part of your team Wobbly Williams, your walk has touched so many around the world and brought people together and you will all never know the true impact of what each and other have done – and anyway does that matter! – thanks for helping my husband get round a tough early morning run, he thought of you Bryn – good luck in all you are doing and enjoy some very special times all of you, happy memories to all. Jenny and Scott – proud sister in law and brother of ‘Big Gav’ xx

  8. Wayhay!!!!!!!!!!!! You made all made!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t tell how chuffed I am, I am totally over the moon. Was lovely to speak to this morn, Bryn, hopefully hear all about it later on. The girls were squealing I told them, they can’t wait to see you on Friday.
    Go on the Wobblies!!!!!!!
    Love always
    V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. I heard that you had made it to the summit (not that I had any doubt that you would get there of course!).
    Congratulations cubed – no, to the power of 10.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Lots of love and hugs to y’all.

  10. all our love to every one of you – been loving the email contact , but am so stupid as have only just cottomed on to the blog thing – nay how safe home and well done on your amazing achievement , nicky , benjamin and hannah quigg

  11. Yvonne (Tony’s missus) let us know this morning that you had all made it to the top safely. Well done to you all – a tremendous achievement under extremely trying circumstances.

    Johnny, Louise, Leo & Joseph Martin

  12. wow!!!!!!! so pleased for you but never had any doubt you would do it!!! “The World’s Greatest”…springs to mind!! x

  13. Bryn and Bryn and the team – we are so proud of you – huge cheers when we heard the news. What brilliant birthday present for Muhammed Ali. Love from us all Kearen Graeme Elinor Claire Annie and Hnery

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