Bryn :: Wobbly Wildebeest

I am a wildebeest. I will reach the top because I have made that decision. It is my desire. I have the discipline to do it. I am determined to do it. I am a wildebeest.

All good stuff from John Haynes, the motivational speaker, who spoke to us tonight.

We talked about visualising our goal, we talked about our hopes and aspirations, we talked about affirmations. We talked about the leadership wildebeest show when under attack. We have to be wildebeest when things get tough.The web address is changing to

I thought hard about my goal and maintaining solid bowel movements is high up the list.

The occasion was the gathering of the group. We joined up with Bob and Tony at the Holiday Inn, old friends and new. It was fabulous to get going. There was tears and snot as the girls left. I will miss them.

The flight is at 6am Tuesday morning via Amsterdam. We are flying wildebeest.

3 thoughts on “Bryn :: Wobbly Wildebeest

  1. Now you are up up and away, you should all start to feel better and mega excited!! We can feel the releif even in Yorkshire. Weather cloudy damp and January miserable here but waiting to share some African sunshine.
    Lots of love Judith and Daisy

  2. You will all make it. You are doing this for all of us who can’t, and with a tremendous goal – finding the cure.
    We Will Face The Mountain.
    We Will Meet Our Challenge.
    We Will Reach The Summit.

    We are with you as you climb, every step of the way. Godspeed !

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