Bryn :: Countdown

When Karen and I are in the build up to a marathon, everything involves a countdown. Months, weeks, days. When we are running it is miles to go, bends to run etc. Kilimanjaro is less than a week away. This time next week we will be waking up in the shadow of the mountain for a day of exploring and relaxing. The briefing starts at 4pm. The climb starts a week tomorrow.

How will it feel? Daunting? For certain. Exciting? Undoubtedly. Incredible that it is happening at all? Definitely. I have been reviewing all my blogs over the last few months and recalling the days when I was looking into the future and seeing nothing. Just emptiness. With hindsight it was a blank page waiting for me to write a story or paint a picture. Imagine the hope it would have given me to see a picture of Kilimanjaro. Little me with backpack, kilt and spare kitchen sink. Marvellous. I would have crapped myself.

Hope is a glorious thing. Second only to humour and well ahead of Parkinson’s.

4 thoughts on “Bryn :: Countdown

  1. Best of luck … I will be watching out for blog updates and will link them to so that our sailors doing the route of the Greatest Climb on the waters off E Africa can keep tabs on your progress!! Joanne/RainbowChaser

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