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Hello everyone, my name is Chris Fuller and I am 43 years old and born and raised in Kent. I have been married for the last 20 years to Suzanne who is 41. We have a wonderful son who is nearly 20 and to complete our family there is our two beautiful female Border Collies Abbey & Jess.

In April of this year I retired from the Police Service, having served for the best part of twenty years with both the Metropolitan Police and Kent County Constabulary. This was an ill-health retirement due to me suffering from Parkinson’s disease, having been diagnosed back in 2006 with medical opinion that it could be traced back as far as 2000.

I appreciate that not everyone can retire at such an early age as 43 is, however doing the job that I did and for as long as I did, it was decreed that because all my daily reserves of energy were being put into getting to and staying at work that it was having such an adverse effect on my health that the best option was ill-health retirement and pension. So the tap on the shoulder and “Can we our warrant card back please” conversation has done me proud and I can state that I feel so much better since April, so I can recommend early retirement for anyone unfortunate to suffer from this awful illness.

I will shortly be relocating to rural Northamptonshire, so I am sure any future blogs will contain new experiences on rural life and country living. I will endeavour to keep my blogs light  hearted and good humoured, as my outlook on Parkinson’s Disease is not one of all-consuming despair but one of  “so I’ve got this illness, hey-ho get on with it” We must all remember that no matter what stage we are at with our own fight against PD there are always people worse off who will die as a result of there illness. I am not a person who does group meetings and seminars etc but I am a great fan of such committed people like Bryn and Steve Ford who have a passion and dedication to bring those who can make a difference in finding a cure together for the greater good and I more than happy to assist them in any capacity that I can.

Likewise I can’t do marathons and alike to raise money but I can stay at home and look after the house and dogs which allows my wife and her mum to raise money for Parkinson’s UK. They have done events such as The Namibian Ultra Marathon, Grimsthorpe Ultra, Great Barrow Challenge (4 marathons in 4 days) and other 78 miles in 24 hours ultra’s. Between them have raised nearly £20,000 for Parkinsons and MS charities.

I will always retain a sense of humour towards Parkinson’s Disease as it is a coping mechanism that I have always used to good effect, so if I do include any black humour in my blogs please bare in mind that although retired I still cannot get rid of the strange sense of humour (touched with more than a hint of inappropriate sarcasm) that police officers have !

I hope you enjoy my future thoughts and observations.

Best Wishes


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